4 Tips for Increasing Your Wifi Connection

Home automation requires a strong internet connection. Here are four tips for increasing your WiFi connection!

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to convert your home into a smart home. This is a great decision because it allows you to utilize modern technology and make your everyday life a lot easier! From security systems to home theaters to full home audio systems, the possibilities are endless. However, all of these things require one main element: strong internet connection. Here are four tips for increasing your wifi connection so that you can fully enjoy your smart home.

Use the Latest Technologies

Your wifi connection may be slower because your technology isn’t up to date. If you are going to utilize home automation technology, it is probably time to upgrade your internet technology as well. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your connection is as fast and reliable as it can be. To keep it simple, Wireless A, B, G and N are considered older, and wireless AC is one of the most up to date offerings. AC wireless connection is especially good for your home theater because it works great to reduce video buffering and stuttering when streaming.

Router Placement

This is a less expensive way to improve your wifi connection, but can still be helpful. Routers may not be the most aesthetically appealing decoration to have in your home, but having it out in the open makes for the best connection. You don’t want it near any walls or other objects that can block the signal. You can even mount it on the wall so that it doesn’t take up space on your tables. The best area of the home is somewhere right in the center so that it reaches every area equally.

Find the Right Channel

Your neighbor’s routers can actually interfere with your own and cause your signal to become weaker. This is because you are probably operating on the same channel as them. Routers can operate on a variety of different channels, so you want to try and pick the one with the least interference. There are tools and apps like WiFi Analyzer that can be used to find the best channel for your home.

Enhancing Network Security

There is always someone looking for free internet connection and hackers are finding their way into people’s connections as well. A good way to keep people off of your wifi is to cloak your network. This means that it won’t show up as an option at all when the list of wifi networks in the area show up. Everyone who wants to use your network will have to type the name of it in manually. To better protect your password, change the default one as soon as you get it to something that isn’t easy to figure out.

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