The Benefits Of An Element Central Vacuum System For Your New Home

Tired of carrying that loud vacuum around from room to room? Invest in an Element central vacuum system for your new home!

If you are in the process of building your dream home, you should make sure to consider all of the possibilities. While home automation is becoming very popular and a more common element of new homes, there are some features that are more overlooked, such as a central vacuum system. This makes cleaning your home so much easier and more efficient. Element is a great brand that offers top notch central vacuum systems. Here are some of the benefits of an Element central vacuum system for your new home.


With an Element central vacuum system, you no longer have to worry about carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house as you clean. The system is accessible from anywhere in the home which makes it easy to vacuum all parts of your home. A central vacuum system has a variety of different accessories that make it easy to reach those normally hard to reach spots.

No Noise

One thing we typically associate with our vacuum cleaner is the loud noise that comes with it. You have to be mindful of other people in your home when you are vacuuming because you can disrupt their sleep, T.V show, or phone conversation. With an Element central vacuum system, you no longer have to worry about the loud noise. The motor is typically located in the basement or garage so the only noise you will hear is the air flowing through the vacuum itself.

Reduced Allergens

It has been proven that a central vacuum system can provide cleaner air in the home. These systems take the dust and debris out of the home, rather than just in a container that you have to then empty out yourself. Portable vacuum cleaners typically recycle dust back into the air through their exhausts. People who suffer from allergies will typically notice a reduction in their symptoms after switching over to a central vacuum system.

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