Why You Need A Skybell Doorbell For Your Home

A Skybell doorbell allows you to see who is at your door without having to even get out of bed!


Home automation is not just for adding cool effects to your home; It can also add an extra element of protection. It is so important that you feel secure inside of your home. While regular security systems will alert you when someone tries to break in, interactive security systems can alert you way before they even get near your home. A Skybell doorbell is a great way to enhance the safety of your home. Here’s why:


Typically, when someone rings your doorbell, you hear the sound throughout the home and have to go check to see who is there. WIth a Skybell doorbell, your smart device is alerted when someone presses the button or even when they are just close to your home. You no longer have to discreetly look out of the window to see who is at your door because you can see it from your phone! These doorbells have video cameras that allow you to see the outside of your home with the press of a button. Now, you don’t even have to get up to answer the door for unwanted guests.

Interact With Visitors

WIth a Skybell doorbell, you can actually hear and speak to the visitors outside of your home. They will hear your voice through the doorbell itself and be able to talk back to you. Now, you can inquire about why someone is at your door or tell an unwanted solicitor that you aren’t interested without having to open the door! If you aren’t home and a family member comes to visit, you can easily let them know that you aren’t there, no matter where you are!

Video Recording

The camera on the Skybell doorbell doesn’t only give you a live feed, but you can also record video footage! In addition, the video footage is saved and stored so that you can go back and look at any missed alerts. This is helpful if you are away for a few days because it allows you to see any visitors that you may have missed. If any suspicious activity occurs around the home, you are able to go back and review the footage so you can identify any suspects.

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