3 Myths About Business Security, Busted

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Whether or not your business is big or small, security measures still need to be taken in order to protect your investments and daily life.

Security is a large part of owning a business, but is sadly misinterpreted by many.  It’s common for people to have misconceptions about business security, because measures are so different over different kinds of businesses.  Whether or not your business is big or small, security measures still need to be taken in order to protect your investments and daily life.  Read on, and see if you believe any of the following myths about business security!

Myth #1: Burglaries only occur at night.


It’s a misconception that has been spread and inflated through television and movies.  The image of a thief breaking glass and stealing goods in the dead of night is a common one; but how true is it?  While it’s rare for someone to force entry during the day, thieves may come during the day to scope out the area.  If they see security cameras or an access system, it may discourage them from trying to attack.  Security cameras can also prevent any employee with ill intention from seeing their opportunity to strike.


Myth #2: Insurance will cover everything.


Insurance can only cover physical property that has been stolen; there are several huge elements that follow a burglary that can cost you far more than something physical can.  Emotional energy, business hours, and potentially expenses that come with court costs and sensitive information are all costs that arise when your business is robbed.  You can’t retrieve these things, or cover them with insurance.


Myth #3: My business is too small to be at risk.


Not true–every business is at risk for burglary and theft.  It’s not an issue of size, but of opportunity.  Leaving an opening for any criminal is what attracts them.  If it’s easier to slip inside your small business than it is to crack the access system of a larger one, they’ll do just that.  Security systems are always important.


CSS can install your business security system, regardless of your size!


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