4 Myths About Home Security Systems

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There are those who don’t believe a security system could help them. For your own protection, a home security system should be installed no matter what.

Unfortunately, security systems don’t come pre-installed in every home.  This means millions of Americans are at risk for home break-ins.  And even more upsetting is the fact that there are those who don’t believe a security system could help them.  For your own protection, a home security system should be installed no matter what.  But, first, you may need a few myths about security systems busted so you can feel confident.  Read on!

Myth #1: There will be too many false alarms; I have kids and pets!


False alarms happen.  A child may forget the code when they come home by themselves, or a pet could find a way to open a door.  But alarm companies are able to work around this, as long as they’re aware.  Even then, alarm companies don’t treat false alarms like the boy who cried wolf; all alarms are treated with the same level of urgency for your safety.


Myth #2: Wireless security systems aren’t really reliable.


Actually, wireless systems are even better than traditional systems!  Wired systems can have their connections cut if a burglar knows where to look for them.  Wireless systems, however, are accessible at any time.  Not to mention, you’ll have mobile access at all times, so you’ll never be without a connection to your home’s security, even when you’re away.


Myth #3: A security system is too expensive.


Think about how much you’re willing to spend on insurance; your home is expected to be protected from natural disasters and other destructive problems.  Property insurance only protects so much.  Your personal belongings are priceless, and can’t be replaced.  Even if security systems were expensive, it would be worth the investment.  Some insurance companies even offer discounts for those with installed security systems!


Myth #4: I live in a safe neighborhood.


While your risk of getting mugged might be down depending on the neighborhood you live in, no home is free of risk.  Criminals exist everywhere, and some travel to nicer areas because they expect more of a payoff.  Assuming your neighborhood is safe enough to forego a security system is a huge risk, and it’s one you don’t want to be taking.


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