5 Common Causes of Disastrous House Fires

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Even a small kitchen fire can result in necessary renovation that could take weeks, will severely limit your ability to operate day-to-day and could threaten the lives of those we love.

House fires can be absolutely devastating, even if they don’t cause the complete destruction of your home.  Even a small kitchen fire can result in necessary renovation that could take weeks, and will severely limit your ability to operate day-to-day.  And, most importantly, house fires threaten the lives of those we love.  There are upwards of 400,000 house fires annually; so, with these statistics in mind, let’s explore five common causes of house fires, so you can know what to watch out for.

1. Cooking

Did you know about 40% of all house fires start from a cooking fire?  Stoves left unattended are huge culprits; and gas stoves left on can cause huge fires when ignited.  It’s very important to remember to practice fire safety when operating a hot stove.  Make sure there is nothing crowding your toaster oven or toaster.  

2. Candles

So many households use candles for fragrance, ambiance, or relaxation.  Candles are, however, extremely dangerous!  They are an open flame, after all.  Practice fire safety by blowing out candles when you leave a room, so they aren’t left unattended.  The same concept goes for any kind of lit fragrance, such as incense or oil burners.

3. Dryers

When was the last time you cleaned out your lint catcher?  Make a regular habit of removing lint every time you dry clothes, and frequently check around the area for lint that could cause problems.  It’s easy for lint to catch on fire when dryers use such high heat settings.

4. Christmas Trees

The holidays are still a ways away, but it’s important to note that Christmas trees can be huge fire hazards.  Not watering a tree frequently enough can result in dried out needles, which will easily catch fire if the lights around them get hot enough.

5. Heating

Unfortunately, not many know that furnaces can cause fires.  During the Summer, your furnace gathers dust and becomes weary from disuse.  And then, in the Winter, it gets so hot that it catches fire very easily.  Make sure you are regularly having furniture inspections so you can prevent this from happening.

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