A Letter From the President

company expansion

In our industry complacency is NOT an option.

Spring is here! Another example to remind us of change, and that it is inevitable.

We at Chesapeake Systems Service are pleased to announce yet another change that is taking place in our company.  We are expanding our work place to create more room for all of the current technologies we hope to provide for our customers.  More importantly, we are expanding our Knowledge, Expertise, and Training of our staff to support these new innovations.

Before the end of 2016 it is our goal to have our new EXPERIENCE CENTER completed!

This new center will be located at our existing location and will afford our customers the opportunity to experience all of TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGIES TODAY.  In our industry complacency is NOT an option.  I remain optimistic about the future and expect the trend to continue toward the consumer who wants the ability to control their home and business for conservation and convenience.

Over time we hope that you will take the opportunity to experience these technologies up close and personal.

Once again, Chesapeake Systems Service strives to provide our customers with the highest quality of service and with the most advanced products in the industry.


Wayne Harrison

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