A Parents Guide To Back To School Home Technology

It’s back to school time across America, kids everywhere are losing their Fortnite privileges, bedtimes are shortened and parents are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief.

We can’t help with homework, but we can help your kids productivity, alert you when they arrive home safely, and much more.

But first, enjoy a video.  If you have a Fortnite player in the house, you’ll love it.

Secure Fast WIFI Network

Your WIFI network is a lot like the water in your home. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it until it’s gone. Then, all you can do is think about it. You need WIFI that’s fast, secure, and covers every room in your home.

However, most WIFI networks are woefully inadequate for the home. As a general rule, routers cover a 1,000-1,500 sq ft. without issue. The problem? The average American home in 2018 is approximately 2,300 sq ft.

So, what can a parent do? There are a few solutions. The first, Wireless Access Points. Think of a Wireless Access Point as a WIFI beacon that can be installed in the home to blanket the home with WIFI coverage. When CSS introduces WAP’s, it all starts with an initial site survey. Since all homes and environments are different, it makes sense to determine what issues we’ll be solving, how many square footage we need to cover, would you like WIFI in the backyard by the pool. Once the site survey is complete, we’ll make our recommendations.

Pakedge Wireless Access Point

Is your modem up to date? Most homeowners get their modem from their cable provider. Many homeowners don’t realize that they’re paying approx. $10 per month to rent the cable companies modem.

If we told you that the modems they provide weren’t very good, would you be surprised? Of course, you wouldn’t. We typically recommend that our clients purchase their modem/routers rather than rent them from their cable provider.

We also recommend purchasing network gear from brands like Araknis and Pakedge. It’s better equipment, and it’s designed to handle anything your family can throw at it. Whether you’re streaming services like NetFlix and Youtube or using VPN’s, wireless access points can handle the load.

Pakedge Router with remote monitoring

The second option to boost the power of your wifi network is the use of a “mesh” network. If you think about your current home network, the router sends WIFI signal from one location in the home.

Think of a mesh network as a baseball team playing catch around a baseball field. One player may not be able to make the throw from deep right field to home plate, but when all of the players work together, they can move the ball quickly anywhere around the field. Unlike a traditional router, a mesh network has multiple small devices located around the home.

Whether you decide to go with a Wireless Access Point or Mesh Network, rest assured that your home network will be there when your student needs it.


Let’s face it, we’re busy. In many cases, both parents work outside the home. When our kids are old enough, it’s pretty common for them to spend an hour or two at home alone before you make it home from work.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could check in on them? Well, now you can.

One of the most popular items we install during the Back To School season is security cameras and video doorbells.

As parents, we want to give our children a little freedom while we’re away, but it’s also comforting to check in on them. You can add a video doorbell into the system and answer the door from down the hall or downtown. You see it’s Henry the FedEx delivery driver.

“Hi, Henry. Can you take the package to the garage? I’ll open it for you right now”.

Tap the button on your phone, and the garage door magically opens. Close it when your delivery is safely inside the garage. Easy.


Like a lot of kids, your students might do their homework at the dining room table. I have a son who’s a good student, but he needs to work at being a good student. It doesn’t come easy for him.

When we noticed that he was distracted by the living room television while he studied, we turned the tv off. It was a breath of fresh air. We started listening to the whole house audio system by SONOS instead. Now, we listen to more music than ever. It’s not distracting at low levels, and there’s always something on.


Once everyone’s homework is done, we spend the rest of the night playing music. The kids will play a song, we’ll play a song, and back and forth it goes until bedtime. Now, my kids know the words to nearly every song from Abbey Road, and I know that music has taken a serious down turn in the last 30 years.


At CSS, we offer top-notch home theater, and home automation systems that will make your life safer, more functional, and more enjoyable.  You will be resting easy when you work with CSS.  Our professional team and fast installations are enough to keep customers coming back, again and again.

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