Access Control Systems for Howard County Businesses

access control systemIf you run a business in Howard County, one of your top priorities is probably security. You want to know that your employees and your assets are safe and secure, especially if you have a lot of expensive or sensitive equipment or information. Access control systems can help you keep your people and the assets that help you run your business safe and secure. Plus access control systems can make your life easier in many other ways. We’ve listed some of our favorite advantages of access control systems over traditional lock and key systems below.

  1. Safer – One major advantage that access control systems have over regular lock and key systems is a safety component. It’s nearly impossible to duplicate an electronic card for an access control system. Keys, however, are extremely easy to duplicate. Go into your nearest hardware or superstore and you’re likely to find a counter where they’ll gladly duplicate any key you hand them for about five bucks.
  2. Extra information – Security cameras are a great way to gain information about who goes in and out of your building, but access control systems are even more useful because they can easily keep records of when someone tries to access the building. In conjunction with security cameras, this information can help you quickly pinpoint when and where a problem has occurred.
  3. One key for everything – When you work in a big office and only give security clearance to certain rooms to a handful of people, having an access control system can be extremely useful. Keycards can be customized to only work for certain doors for specific people. If an employee with this type of access is terminated and doesn’t return their card, it’s very simple to revoke their rights to enter on the key card so you don’t have to worry about collecting multiple keys from them.
  4. Remote control – Being able to control doors and entry from a location other than the door gives you an extra level of control on who enters your building and when they enter your building. You can easily decide whether or not a guest should be allowed in. It gives you a chance to assess the situation without putting anyone in the direct path of potential harm.

Using an access control system can make life simpler for you and safer for employees. At Chesapeake System Services, we offer a few different types of access control systems. Check out the website or give us a call at 301.317.3001 for more information. You can follow CSS Inc. on FacebookGoogle+,  LinkedInPinterest and Twitter as well!

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