How to Achieve Your Aesthetic Dreams With Stealth CoverArt


How can you combine electronic elegance with aesthetic wonder? Stealth Acoustics answers that question with Stealth CoverArt.

Have you ever lamented the fact that your television seems to be the centerpiece of the room when it isn’t in use?  Televisions and large screens don’t tend to jive well with many interior designs.  They can be cumbersome, unattractive, and obtrusive–however, giving up an important electronic piece is rarely a good decision.  How can you combine electronic elegance with aesthetic wonder?  Stealth Acoustics answers that question with Stealth CoverArt.  If you want to achieve the aesthetic luxury you’ve always dreamed of, read on.

What is CoverArt?

In any room, a well-placed and well-chosen piece of artwork can transform the design from flat to beautiful.  It’s even better when the displayed image is something that means a lot to you.  Whether you would like a gorgeous landscape or a family portrait, CoverArt can take that design aspect and make it a technological luxury.  Virtually any flat screen can be made to display artwork when not in use.  This high-quality image will roll down over the dull gray of your inactive screen, instantly giving you a beautifully framed piece.

How Does it Work?

CoverArt is very easy to install for any screen up to 120”.  It can be mounted over your existing screen without any drilling.  The frame is comprised of aluminum, so it’s light and easily portable.  The motor mechanism that raises and lowers your image is automatic and hidden.  Frames are incredibly customizable, so you can match it perfectly with your image.  And each frame can be custom fitted to your screen.  CoverArt is also incredibly energy efficient, using only 110v of power.  If you are looking for the perfect solution to your aesthetically glaring screen, CoverArt is your answer.  This luxurious and beautiful technology can transform your space into a convenient and gorgeous oasis.

CSS can help you get started with your CoverArt display!

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