The Advantage Of Smart Locks

The Advantage Of Smart Locks

The beauty behind smart locks is that they offer incredible convenience in a variety of ways.

Home automation is the next big thing, and there’s a lot that goes into making sure homes are connected and secure. No matter what area you’re in, home invasion could easily occur, making it even more important that you protect your property. There are plenty of different routes you can take to make your place safe. A lot of homeowners opt for video surveillance, installing cameras at the front door and other areas; others prefer the added safety of motion sensors inside the home. While you have many different solutions to choose from, one feature people forget is the lock on the door. It’s essentially the first line of defense. With a smart lock, you’re taking away the option for people to pick the lock (among other things), and it gives you an extra level of security.


The beauty behind smart locks is that they offer incredible convenience in a variety of ways. The biggest benefactor is that you have remote access to the lock. Due to the connected aspect of the technology, you can easily lock or unlock from a distance using a smartphone application. Smart locks also take away the need for old-fashioned house keys that constantly become lost.

Upgraded Security

With smart locks, you’re taking a necessary step toward improving your security. Similar to a garage opener, your smart lock will have a unique access code. This ensures that only you and the people you disclose it to can enter the house. If you combine the smart lock with a smart doorbell, your security becomes even more intense. With that addition, you could have a direct conversation through an intercom system, allowing you to basically screen the person at the door. You can also install a verification system through doorway surveillance cams.

The Best Feature

Peace of mind. When you’re away, or even just in bed, you can have peace of mind by checking your phone to lock the door. Combining convenience and security gives you the ability to sit back and relax knowing you’re completely safe. Kwikset smart locks will automatically re-lock after 30 seconds of unlocking, meaning you really do not have to worry. You also have the ability to set up a schedule as well.

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