What are the Advantages of a Sonos Sound System?

Audio speakerFor those who don’t know a whole lot about Sonos, we’d like to fill you in a little bit. The Sonos sound system allows you to use your wireless device to control speakers set up through your Wi-Fi system. That means that your speakers are completely wireless and are capable of being controlled from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. How cool is that? You’re probably wondering how that works exactly.

How wireless is it, really?
Totally wireless. All you do is connect a bridge to your Wi-Fi network that will work with the Sonos system. The fact that you’ll be using a bridge also means that there will be less stress on your Wi-Fi as a whole, resulting in better sound and more gigabytes going to other things. Once your bridge is all set up, you’ll download an app for any and all wireless devices in your home; you can even download apps to your desktop. These will allow you to control your speakers remotely. You can control what you listen to, how loud it is, and where it plays from all using those apps for your devices. If you’re really picky about the sound of your music, you can also manage other facets of the sound on your device, too, like bass and treble. Wireless speakers are also great for those of us who prefer the easy life. Instead of having to search the whole house for a remote or actually getting up to adjust things, you simply use your phone or tablet.

That’s awesome, but can I use more than one speaker?
Absolutely. The speaker that’s the most popular for Sonos right now is the Sonos Play:1, though the sound bar also does a very good job of projecting good sound from a small speaker. You can choose wireless speakers through a company other than Sonos if you’re using Sonos’ “Connect” as well. You’ll still need the app, and we recommend Sonos products, but that part is up to you. You’ll be able to control all of the wireless speakers in your house with just the app on your smart device. You can also move the speakers throughout your house. As long as the speaker and your device is in range of the Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to connect and expand your speaker system with very little work on your part.

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