Announces Severe Weather Alerts

Don’t you wish your home security system could do more? Wouldn’t it be really handy if it could warn you of impending danger, like tornados, fires or tsunamis? Well, you are in luck. recently announced the release of its new Severe Weather Alerts system, which provides customers with advanced warning of impending severe weather in their area.


Pretty neat, huh? tracks severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service and provides you with real-time alerts when a warning is issued in their area. These alerts are integrated into your existing security platform and are delivered directly to your control panel, giving you ample time to react to the situation.


Many people are caught off guard by severe weather.’s Severe Weather Alert ensures that you are well prepared for what is coming.


“Our goal is to use innovative technology to improve the safety and security of people and their property.  With Severe Weather Alerts we recognized a very valuable way to leverage our capability of having the security system in the home be connected with external events like severe weather conditions.” said CEO, Steve Trundle.


Your security system should be more than just a reactive warning. That is why continually pushes to develop security solutions that go beyond what we think of as traditional security, bringing you a more proactive system.


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