, Home Surveillance Systems, and the Future of Parenting home security and surveillance systems allow parents to keep an eye on their children…even when no one else is home. How? Well, it is actually quite simple!


1. Position your Surveillance Camera: First, position your surveillance camera towards the front door.

2. Add your Number to the Account: Add your number or the number you wish to receive alerts into your address book under the “Notifications” tab in your account.

3. Set up Video Notifications: Click the “Video” tab, and then select “Recording Schedules.” Next, click “Add a System-Triggered Schedule” or “Add a Motion-Triggered Schedule.” This will allow you to setup your camera to begin recording when it detects motion at the front door, when the door sensor is opened, or when your door is unlocked. This will also trigger a notification.

4. Specify a Notification Delivery Method: Choose how you want your notification delivered – as a push notification, text or email.

5. Peace of Mind!

Your system is now set up to alert you when your children have arrived home, safe and sound!


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