Reveals New Products revealed a bevy of new integration features at the Western International Security Conference, abbreviated ISC West, earlier this year and Chesapeake Security Systems is here with the details and how these changes could impact home automation and security in the future.

Pebble Smart Watch

One of’s most exciting announcements is the integration of the application with the Pebble smart watch, allowing users to control home automation features from their wrists. While the application itself is hosted on the user’s phone, the Pebble smart watch allows users to unlock doors, arm their security system and more all from their wrist.

Google Glass also announced that they are working on integrating the service with Google Glass. In the past, has demoed features with smart glasses like being able to open doors just by looking at the lock or integrating camera streams directly with the Google Glass, making camera adjustments in real time.

Stream Video Recorder

In the past, those looking for video storage have had to rely on’s ample servers to do the job. However,’s recently announced Stream Video Recorder has the capability to capture up to 4 simultaneous, high definition camera streams, periodically sending clips to the company’s servers and ensuring that even if your internet goes down, your coverage will be constant. Multiple units can be installed in a single system giving the product both residential and commercial applications. Video playback can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connected device and allows you to easily look over footage with synchronized multi-camera playback, customizable viewing speeds and timeframe compression. While not out yet, the SVR should be coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Other News also revealed support for Verizon 4g LTE, ensuring users have even greater access to’s services than ever before. The company hinted at the upcoming release of a special outdoor camera that comes equipped with Infrared LEDs, allowing it complete sight during even the darkest of nights. also announced the integration of their app with Liftmaster’s standalone WiFi garage-door opener. Finally, the company has broadened the already impressive amount of security systems that their app supports, announcing compatibility with security systems from Interlogix, 2Gig by Linear, DSC and Qolsys.

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