Severe Weather Warnings are Designed to Save Lives


It only takes seconds for a tornado to destroy homes and ruin lives. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to strengthen your home and increase the odds of it surviving the high winds associated with destructive tornadoes. These steps include:


  1. Better-quality hardware can make a big difference. So don’t skimp on building materials. For example: spending an extra $500 or $600 just on your roof could greatly improve your home’s ability to withstand high winds.
  2. Ring-shank nails are the most effective roof fasteners available. These nails have much better holding power than typical nails.
  3. Metal brackets known as hurricane clips attach the top plate to trusses or rafters. These clips can help your home withstand wind speeds up to 135 mph, or a tornado up to an EF-2 (roughly 90 percent of tornadoes are at this level or below).
  4. Look for shingles rated by UL 2218 or FM 4473 as Class 3 or 4.
  5. Make sure the roof cover you choose is rated for the wind speed in your area.
  6. Impact resistant windows have stronger frames and hardware to withstand wind and debris.
  7. Have walls bolted to the foundation. This is invasive and is best done when the house is constructed but can be retrofitted if you’re replacing drywall or adding siding.
  8. Utilize’s Severe Weather Alerts. tracks severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service and then relays those alerts in real-time to customers via their security control panel.


“Our goal is to use innovative technology to improve the safety and security of people and their property. With Severe Weather Alerts we recognized a very valuable way to leverage our capability of having the security system in the home be connected with external events like severe weather conditions,” said CEO, Steve Trundle. “By developing new capabilities like Severe Weather Alerts we strive to give people more time to react and help reduce the number of people harmed during these unfortunate events.”


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