Automated QMotion Shades Can Help Your Home to Move Into the Future

QMotion Shades

If you want to make your chores around the house go a little quicker, read on to find out about QMotion Shades.

Sometimes, lowering window shades can be more of a hassle than they might appear to be.  A lot of windows in homes cannot be accessed without ladders, meaning they probably don’t even have shades at all.  Likewise, for larger windows, it can be exhausting to pull the shades up and down, over and over.  And, if you’re adjusting for the time of day, you’ll have to go around to each window and adjust.  Sounds tedious, right?  Well, it doesn’t have to be.  With QMotion Shades, you’re given the automatic option that can aid in your everyday life.  If you want to make your chores around the house go a little quicker, read on to find out about QMotion Shades.

What is an Automated Shade?


An automatic shade comes in many shapes and sizes, and is controlled in a variety of ways.  The basic concept is that, after pressing a button or issuing another physical command, these window shades will roll up or down without you needing to use any more effort.  QMotion presents a wide range of shades that you can choose from.  A hembar activator means you simply have to tug down on the bottom of the shade for it to roll up or down on its own.  Multichannel remotes allow you to control more than one shade at once.  Other remotes include a panel operator and a timing remote that can be hooked up to a computer.  However, you can also choose to integrate your automated shades with your home automation system, so you can adjust them from anywhere at all.


Why Are They Useful?


Automated shades are more than just convenient.  In many cases, they can save tons of time and effort.  For example, the younger and older members of the household can control the shades without having to exert extra energy.  It’s also extremely useful for those with limited mobility, as they won’t have to worry about rolling up every single shade manually.  You can also use QMotion shades to protect your home when you’re away.  From a home automation system, you can shut your blinds regardless of where you are from your smartphone.  Automated QMotion Shades will surely make your life more convenient and less stressful.  QMotion also works with commercial customers, so take a look at their website to find out more about how they could help your business. An added benefit is that QMotion shades look beautiful in any home.  They’re as aesthetically pleasing as you could imagine, and will make your interior design shine with elegance and moderinsm.  


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