Automation Systems for Doctor’s Offices

doctor office automationTrips to the physician aren’t always pleasant, especially for children. Kids don’t like to feel like they’re being poked and prodded, especially if they’re uncomfortable in the office. It can make for a miserable trip to the orthodontist, dentist, or pediatrician. Adults need to be comfortable in their surroundings, too. Everyone gets nervous about doctor visits at one time or another. There are solutions to making the trips more pleasant and ELAN g! has them. Using automation systems for physician’s office will make the whole experience more comfortable for the patients and easier on doctors. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to adding automation systems to doctor’s offices.

  • Entertainment – An orthodontist’s office added TVs to their ceilings over the patient’s chairs to make the experience more comfortable for adolescents having orthodontic work done. They get control of a tablet that connects directly to the television through the ELAN g! app. They’re able to control the volume and what program they want to watch. It gives them an opportunity to zone out during the appointment and enjoy some entertainment rather than focusing on what the doctor is doing.
  • Boost business – Not all businesses are created equal, but there are certain things that will put you miles ahead of the competition. Installing a system like ELAN g! that makes patients more comfortable and gives them a cooler experience can very easily boost your business. People love seeing a place that does something a little bit differently and goes the extra mile for patient satisfaction. Costs of automation systems have become more reasonable over the past few years due to demand and advances in technology. Once your business starts to reap the benefits of your unique system, it’ll pay for itself.
  • Make appointments easier – They’ll be easier on your patients and easier on you as a doctor. Most physicians agree that when their patients are more relaxed, they’re more receptive and easier to work with. You’ll find it easier to work with them and be able to get the difficult stuff done while they’re focused on other things. The power of distraction is a great thing when it comes to being in the dentist’s chair or doctor’s office. Plus, the system is easy enough to use via the ELAN g! app and the ability to turn everything on or off with the press of a button.

Making doctor visits more comfortable for patients can help you boost business and put your practice on the map. When you’re ready to get started with your commercial automation system, please contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. – an ELAN g! authorized dealer – by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today! You can follow CSS Inc.on Facebook, Pinterest,  LinkedIn,Google+ and Twitter as well!

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