Baltimore Business Benefits from an Interactive Security System

interactive security systemWith improvements in integrated technology and interactive security systems it’s time to move past the key coded door alarm and move onto a completely integrated and interactive security system. An interactive security system will make your business safer, more efficient, and allow you to stay informed and in control wherever you are. Investing in an interactive security system is an investment in your business’s future.

Stay Safer and More Efficient

Security systems provide more then just door and fire alarms now. With an integrated interactive security system from Chesapeake System Service you can wire your entire office to not only keep your business safer, but more efficient. With tamper proof wireless security you can keep track of employee entry and exit times for up to six months. You can set a schedule for your lights to turn on or off by designated times, on and monitor when cabinets are opened.  You can add special security codes to access the sensitive areas of your business like the server room, the safe, and your office. With all of these features you can learn more about the flow of your employees in your business and make changes to keep it running efficiently and safely.

Stay Informed

Regardless of where you are, you can stay informed on what’s going on at your business with an interactive security system from Chesapeake System Service. As long as you have phone service and internet access you could receive e-mail or phone notifications about the goings on of your business. You can know when employees enter or leave. You can know if there’s activity after the building has been closed. You can even remotely monitor critical areas of your business like server rooms, safes, and your office

Stay in Control

The greatest benefit of the interactive security systems offered by Chesapeake System Service is the ability to control the integrated elements of your business from wherever you are. You can manage your businesses thermostat, lights, and door locks, from home or on vacation. You can even arm or disarm the system yourself, and set-up user codes from a user-friendly web interface.

Want To Invest in a Commercial Interactive Security System?

Then contact Chesapeake Systems Service. We’re ready to provide countless Maryland commercial monitoring and security solutions, with quality customer service, today. We’ll also help you easily integrate them with mobile applications like the app so that you can manage your security system easily, and on the go

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