What Are The Benefits of a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a lock for your front door that does not use the traditional key you are thinking of. The smart lock has easy to use controls to lock and unlock your door. The smart lock attaches to the inside of your door and comes with many customizable features.Fingerprint Scanner

Many smart locks are compatible with home automation systems, which will help keep your home fully secure. In an effort for the smart lock to be user friendly, it comes in different languages and offers feedback as you work your way through their menu. This is extremely beneficial because you don’t need to have the user manual handy when you are setting up the lock.

A smart lock that integrates with the home automation system comes with many interesting features. There is a way to set up a chain reaction between your smart lock and home automation system. For example, if the smart lock is unlocked, your thermostat can be alerted to rise. Or with the unlock of a smart lock, specific lights can turn on as well. Simplifying your life is easier with a smart lock and home automation system.

A smart lock generally comes with a touch screen and you can install access codes for people to enter and exit your home. Want to know exactly what time the children came home from school? Set them up with their own user code so you know when the front door was unlocked and using which code. The same goes for a babysitter, contractor or anyone else you wish to allow access into your home. The exact number of codes varies based on which smart lock you purchase. Specific features are only available with certain smart locks so when picking one out, make sure to look at all of the features offered and decide which lock would work best for your needs.

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