Benefits Of Video Surveillance In Age Restricted Communities

Benefits Of Video Surveillance In Age Restricted Communities

A perfect way to minimize or prevent this is by employing video surveillance, thus eliminating potential harm.

When you get to a certain age in life, age restricted living communities are a great alternative to living in a big house alone. It’s an efficient way for elderly people to have care, and they also get to socialize with others in the same situation. When a family takes their loved one to an age restricted community, they expect the best care for them. That’s what they pay for, and it’s just an inherent trust. The unfortunate aspect is that things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes mistakes or incidents happen, and it turns into a case itself. A perfect way to minimize or prevent this is by employing video surveillance, thus eliminating potential harm.


In some cases, abuse can be a legitimate issue in assisted living facilities. It’s sad to think that’s a problem, right? The reality is that it happens much more frequently than people even realize. By installing a video surveillance system, it’s automatically taking away the risk of patients suffering from abuse. It’s a signal to the assisted living staff that they should always be on their best behavior and doing their job to the best of their abilities. Having video surveillance can also be a safeguard to make sure employees are not only doing their job, but following the correct procedures as well.


Believe it or not, theft can actually happen at age restricted living communities. Whether it’s the family of the patient coming to visit, or a belonging of the patient’s, some cases have shown that employees will deceive and steal. Certainly not an ideal situation by any means, but one that needs to be accounted for with the proper precaution. Video surveillance is that precaution. It’s allowing security to witness everything. Some may argue that leads to a lack of privacy, but it will help to maintain a safe environment.


A prominent issue in this field is when patients aren’t fed on a regular schedule. This maltreatment or malnourishment is a situation that is easily remedied by video surveillance. Conversely, elderly patients have a tendency to become restless or irritable, and sometimes it can become dangerous for the employees. The video surveillance system in place would do a good job of getting clear stories on what occurred. Assisted living communities deal with a surprising amount of medical negligence cases, and having this system would ensure accurate results.

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