The Benefits of Whole House Audio

Audio speakerImagine high fidelity audio in any and every room of your house, crisp and clear as though your home was a studio and your favorite band was playing there. Imagine that you can adjust the sound volume from anywhere in your house, so that you can have a room ready for you, by the time you get there. Now, imagine all of that at the command of your fingertips, all controlled by a simple app on your smart phone or other device. That’s what it means to have whole house audio. Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. can install whole house audio solutions by NuVo, Elan, and Sonos. These systems provide high fidelity sound, anywhere in your home, and are all easily controlled.

High Fidelity Sound Quality

High fidelity (Hi-Fi) is used to describe high-quality reproduction of sound by an audio system. A high fidelity system doesn’t produce as much noise, or distortion as a regular system, and can produce sound in the whole range of frequencies humans can hear, or more. High fidelity systems seek to perfectly recreate the illusion of being at a live performance, or inside a movie, and with recent improvements in technology and the reduction in price of electronics we’re closer then ever to that perfection. With inexpensive wireless Hi-FI speakers you can easily set up a six to eight channel surround sound system to fill a room with quality sound, and make it feel like you’re in the room with the band as they play.

Listen to Your Music Anywhere

With whole house audio, you can listen to your music in any room of the house, regardless of wherever the music is being played from. That means if you want to listen to music from your computer in the garage you can. If you want to listen to music from your smart phone in the shower you can. By having inexpensive high fidelity speakers throughout your home, you can listen to music with a rich quality of sound, wherever you are without having to blowout the speakers in your living room. It’s better for your equipment, better for the ears of your family, guests, and you, and it’s better for your neighbors.

Easily Controlled from a Mobile Device

The icing on this cake of high-fidelity, whole house audio, is that it is all easily controlled from an app on your smart phone, mobile device, or computer. That means if you’re sitting in your favorite chair reading and listening to music, you don’t have to get up to change songs. You can be in the garage blasting rock and roll while you change your oil when you get a call, you can turn down the music and answer the call without having to put down your wrench. From a free app, you can change the song playing, control the volume, and even change the sound settings. With a multiple source, multiple zone system everyone in the house could be listening to their own music controlled by their own devices.

Want Whole House Audio?

Then contact Chesapeake Systems Service. We’re ready to provide countless Maryland whole house audio today. We can discuss the options with you, help you pick the right one to fit your house and budget, and train you in its use.

You can contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today for a free estimate! Bringing you the best in whole house audio would be our pleasure!

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