Big Business Joins Solar Energy Race

solar energyFor a long time the big utility companies that provide the majority of electricity to our nation’s power grids have attempted to quash the rise of residential solar energy. However their lack of success seems to have prompted a change in policy and now “Big Electric” is attempting to nab a piece of the solar energy business for themselves. But it’s not as easy as it might sound.

Residential solar power has seen an astonishing growth of over 45% since the second fiscal quarter of last year, fostered in part by government subsidies and partly by dramatically falling equipment costs which have allowed them to become cost-competitive with large utility companies.

The idea of a regulated utility company deploying expansive solar coverage is very new but that hasn’t stopped the Pinnacle West Capital Corp unit of the Arizona Public Service from proposing to spend up to $70 million on systems for about 3,000 homes. Other large utility companies have rolled out similar plans, which must receive approval from the state regulator.

Reason for Concern

While the merging of large utility company’s vast resources and customer base could substantially broaden the spread of solar energy, which currently only powers approximately half a million U.S. homes and businesses, solar installation companies are worried about the possible effects of allowing large utility companies to install company-owned solar systems on residential homes.

Small solar leasing and installation companies are worried because utility regulators set rates that ensure profits for utilities, which gives them a financial advantage and greater access to customers. Additionally, large utility companies have a history of levying fees on solar energy customers. Solar energy representatives question if large utilities are actually attempting to spread solar power or merely attempting to remove their only real competitors from the marketplace.

As the question of the role of larger utilities in solar power sweeps across the nation, each state must decide how to balance the potential benefits of large company resources while ensuring smaller organizations aren’t crushed along the way.

CSS Is Ready for Anything When it Comes to Energy

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