Building A Home – What Should You Pre-wire?

Building A Home - What Should You Pre-wire?

When you pre-wire your home in the beginning stages of production, you're creating flexibility and less stress in the long run.

The modern day home is a complex structure, and a lot of thought goes into what makes the final product. While you only see the finished pieces, there are underlying factors that the average eye doesn’t recognize. The best way to ensure that your house reaches maximum functionality is through pre-wiring. Pre-wiring makes the installation process much easier, and it also gives you greater clarity once everything is established. However, it’s important to know what areas and which parts need to be pre-wired.

Home Automation

Home automation is changing the landscape. If you think you’d like your home to have this feature, pre-wiring is a great first step to take. From video surveillance cameras to smart doorbells or a centralized lighting system, many automation features require functions that are easier to assemble during a pre-wiring period. Not only does it save you time, but the products will have more efficiency as well. Pre-wiring helps to prepare your home for the smart home technology of tomorrow.

Audio Pre-Wiring

Building A Home - What Should You Pre-wire?

Pre-wiring makes the installation process much easier, and it also gives you greater clarity once everything is established.

Audio pre-wiring is the best practice if you want to set yourself up for the future. You can pre-wire as many rooms as you want, giving you the freedom to install an audio system down the road. You can even pre-wire the entire home for audio, and then as time goes on you can install speakers throughout your home. It’s always wise to pre-wire a room for surround sound, in case you decide to turn your theater room dream into a reality. Rather than tearing into walls and conducting invasive construction, you’d be prepared for the design of a unique cinematic experience.

Network Functionality

Your network can be set up wirelessly, but you may find a stronger result through a wired system. You won’t have a wireless limit on how much information can be transmitted, because a hardwired design multiplies the level of bandwidth capability. If having a strong connection with limitless device connectivity is a priority in your new home, pre-wiring is the only thing that makes sense!

Do You Want To Prepare For The Future? CSS Can Help With Your Pre-Wiring Needs

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