What can an A Z-Wave Door Lock do for You?

Person unlocking doorHave you ever been locked out of your house? If you have, you know it always happens at the worst of times (really, though, when is a good time to be locked out?). Generally it’s when you’re in a rush, or you suddenly forget right after you close the door to go to work that you’ve left your keys inside your locked, empty house. What if you could get inside your house using your smart phone or a key combination instead of your key? That’s exactly what a Z-Wave door lock offers. It’s one of the most high-tech solutions for those times when your keys lay forgotten.

How does it work?
The Z-Wave door lock is essentially a smart lock. You can unlock your door using a free app for your phone, a key, or a key code directly on the door. With all of these options, it’s unlikely that you’ll be stuck outside for very long. You can also program the lock to work in different ways; for example, you can program it to require multiple forms of security in order to enter. Not only does this form of smart lock benefit you if you lose your keys, but it adds an extra layer of security on to yourhome to help you prevent theft and unwanted entry into your house. The other great part about adding an automated lock to your home is that it can easily be integrated into the rest of your automated home technology solutions. Afully automated home allows you to control every aspect from your smart phone or mobile device. If you forget to arm your house, turn your air conditioning down, or even if you forget your keys, you’ll be able to remedy the problem. Chesapeake System Services can get you started with a fully technologically integrated home!

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