Carbon Monoxide


On Tuesday, September 27th, 43 individuals were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after a leak at 1324 Havard Street, NW, Washington DC.


When the fire crew arrived to attend to a sick individual, they noticed that several others were displaying the telltale signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Emergency units then evaluated the rest of the building, Second Genesis, which houses 36 residents and 10 staff members. All in all, 43 people were taken to local hospitals with symptoms of CO exposure; three were classified as having serious but non-life threatening injuries.


The incident is still under investigation, but the source of the CO leak is thought to be either a water heater or the building’s boiler.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, tasteless gas that kills hundreds of people and creates illness in thousands more each year. And because CO is odorless and tasteless, the only way to truly protect your family is to install CO detectors throughout your home. CO detectors alert you to the presence of this deadly gas and, when monitored, can call for emergency help. CO detectors are especially beneficial in areas where people use natural gas or wood burning stoves.


Early detection is a lifesaver.


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43 Taken to Hospital for CO Poisoning in DC

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