Caught Red-Handed: Surveillance Systems Bringing Security to Residences and Homeowner

Surveillance cameras are expected modes of security in many public places, and some of us might even look up at them and smile in drug stores to see our own image reflected back at us in a television screen. But many home intruders don’t expect to be caught on camera, even though more and more, surveillance systems have become the trend in residential security systems.


This past June in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Arlie Piguet, one local homeowner braced for burglary, had the opportunity to see Jason Michael Rathburn and three others accused of theft follow the directions branded on a sign by his backdoor, telling intruders to smile for the camera. According to Piguet, they didn’t care, and grinned before crawling through a window and breaking into a gun safe, stealing 10 rifles.


At Chesapeake  Systems Service, we’ve made home security an affordable and accessible option for homeowners, and letting us install one of our surveillance systems on your property can provide footage as evidence to bring to police should your home be visited by unwelcome guests. The average price for a surveillance system has dropped by as much as 50% in the last decade alone.


The benefits of these systems are tangible, and in Tulsa, law enforcement has seen an increase in residential security systems, which helps to develop suspect descriptions and win convictions in court.


Though Piguet’s system dealt in slightly outmoded technology, using VHS tapes to record footage, it nevertheless served its purpose in giving away the fact that one of the intruders was his former sister-in-law. He was then able to lead police to her house, where, after an eight-hour standoff, four occupants surrendered and were charged with burglary: Jason Rathburn, 24; Jacob Allen Rathburn, 22; Amber Nicole Hughlett, 24; and Melissa Ann Steely, 22.


High quality cameras like the ones we furnish at CSS are recommended for the best possible evidence: they produce clearer images and are thusly more likely to convince a jury of the guilt of the suspect at hand. Make sure your investment in a safer home is a worthwhile one by working with our professionally trained security analysts who will help you tailor a security system suited to your needs.


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Home security cameras help capture clear picture of thieves

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