How Changes to Landlines Might Affect your Home Security System appAcross the country, more and more homes are being switched over from traditional copper landlines, or POTs lines, to Voice Over Internet Protocol lines, or VOIP lines. This comes as the result of telephone companies like AT&T and Verizon trying to modernize the current telephone infrastructure, but could have an effect on your home security system.

How it Could Affect Your Security System

As telecommunication companies across the country switch their phone lines over from POTs to VOIP keep in mind that it can effect your security system when it comes to your neighborhood. This is because a VOIP is provided through your modem, which is connected to your internet and phone company via cable, or fiber optics, and is dependent on your home’s power, while a POTs landline is a copper phone wire that receives its power from the phone network.  This is important because it is the telephone system that your home security system uses to communicate with your security provider. Some VOIPs might not work with your security system provider initially, and might need a specialist to come out and handle the installation and transition. That’s why, while we recommend testing your home security system every three months, in the case of a change of service you should test it immediately.

How CSS’s Home Security Technology Can Help

The home security brands Chesapeake System Service provides utilize cellular communicator technology to establish communication between you, your security system, and us.  Cellular communicator technology is advantageous to a tradition landline, or VOIP communication in several regards. First, by operating on cellular networks, any changes in landline service should have no effect on your home security system, this includes if someone cut your landlines. Secondly, using cellular services offers a whole other level of automation, and customization to your home security system. The service provided by, one of the security systems we deal in, allow you to control all of your home automation and security from a single app on your smartphone.

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