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Smart home automation at the touch of your button.

Why would you ever invest in a home automation system that doesn’t focus on simplifying safety? That’s why CSS offers the best brands in home automation.

The research is in–homeowners have been interviewed to discover exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to an automatic home system.  We’re seeing what a majority of customers are searching for, and we know what kind of features you think are most important.  Here at CSS, we know safety is important to everyone–so let’s dive into the requirements you have for a functional, safe home automation system.

88% of customers want a single, functional app for home automation.


A high percentage of you are looking for functionality, and streamlined communication between devices.  You think that your smart appliances should work together, rather than separately, which makes a lot of sense.  Why would you ever invest in a home automation system that doesn’t focus on simplifying safety?  That’s why CSS offers the best brands in home automation.  It doesn’t just have to be about security, either; when you invest in our home automation, you’ll be getting the tools you need to do just about anything from anywhere.


78% want to be notified by their home automation system when something goes wrong.


What’s the point of security when you can only respond when you’re inside your home?  Home automation should give you the added comfort of knowing when your home is in danger.  With our system, g!, you’ll get just that.  You can opt for an email or text alert when something in your home is out of place.  You’ll never come home to any surprises.


93% of homeowners want to be as comfortable as they are energy efficient.


It’s great to live in comfort and security, but you might be concerned about the cost.  We all know that more energy means a negative effect on the environment; energy efficiency is becoming more and more important.  That extra knowledge that your home is not only safe, but also working with the environment.  With our system, you can control the thermostat of your home from anywhere at all.  Similarly, you can control the lights.  You don’t have to worry about leaving the bathroom light on when you go to work, or wasting energy on cooling a home no one is in.  Know that CSS can provide you with a system that works for you and the Earth, all at once.


Home automation?  How can I get started?


At CSS, we offer top-notch residential automation systems that will make your life safer, more functional, and more enjoyable.  You will be resting easy when you work with CSS.  Our professional team and fast installations are enough to keep customers coming back, again and again.  


Please contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today for a free estimate! Put our experience and incredible quality products to work for your business today!

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