Commercial Security Alarm System – Protect Your Business

Security is an important aspect of any successful business. A commercial security alarm system offers the perfect defense for your business assets. After all, you have worked too hard to get your company to where it is to risk losing everything in a single break-in. So it is crucial for business owners to select and install a security system that fits both their needs and their budgets.


What to Look for in a Business Security System


24/7 Surveillance: This is simply a must have for any successful security system.


Motion Sensors: This is just another added security measure to ensure your business is properly protected.


Easy-to-use Keypad: Your security system should not make your life more difficult. Make sure you have a system installed that can be easily armed and disarmed.


Video Surveillance: A security system without video surveillance is just a deterrent. Video allows you to identify intruders for future prosecution.


A Qualified Security Provider:  If you think it might be the right time to have a security system professionally installed in your business, contact Chesapeake Systems Services (CSS) today!


CSS specializes in the design, installation, service and monitoring of security and fire alarm systems, access control and closed-circuit television (CCTV) for both residential and commercial markets. Our monitoring representatives are trained, friendly and helpful dispatchers watching over your home or business 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. The monitoring service will follow through on any alarm that your security control panel detects.


We also provide a Builders’ Service program that allows you to meet with a consultant and choose the best technology selections that you feel will meet your needs.


If you have any questions or wish to set up a consultation with one of our security experts, please contact Chesapeake Systems Services, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today!


What sets up apart is our pursuit of excellence and the drive for unparalleled customer service. Our staff is highly trained and are committed to delivering products and services that exceed customer expectations in performance, schedule, and value.


Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc., licensed and insured in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, is security and a whole lot more!


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Commercial Security Alarm System – Protect Your Business 

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