Communication Technologies and Your Security System

If your home security system detects a threat – fire, CO, or burglary – the alarm alerts the central monitoring station, which then contacts the police, fire department, or other emergency responder. But until recently, the standard telephone line was the only way to communicate with the central security monitoring station.


While this is effective for the most part, what happens when your phone line is down? If this happens, the security system cannot communicate with the central monitoring station.


For this reason, security companies are beginning to use other communication technologies – such as cellular – as backups to traditional phone lines, providing increased security for you and your loved ones.


Phone Lines: Telephone lines remain the primary communication platform for most security systems to interact with central monitoring stations.


Cellular: Cellular technologies can act as a backup system for traditional telephone lines or the main source of communication. Should a telephone line go down or lose connection, a backup cellular signal can be sent to the central monitoring station. Also we know phone lines are becoming obsolete so we can provide this solution to people that do not want a land line. VOIP is also a newer technology that is not a 100% reliable for security systems to communicate so even if the security system communicates, it is recommended to have a backup communication source.

  1. Indirect Cellular Communication: With this type of cellular communication platform, a cellular signal is transmitted to a third party that then sends the signal to the central monitoring station.
  2. Direct Cellular Communication: With this type of cellular communication platform, also known as GSM Primary, a cellular signal is sent directly to the central monitoring station.


What does this mean for your home or business?


It means you can increase your security efforts, protection, and service with the simple addition of these aforementioned cellular technologies.


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