Control 4 Changes the Smart House Game


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See how Control 4 can change the way you use your smart home.

If you have a smart house then you might be interested in upgrading your technology so that it will run smoother and be more user friendly. Control 4 rolled out a new line of products in February of this year that do exactly that. Your smart house could be packed with new features if you decide to upgrade your system, so let’s take a look at some of the options you could have with Control 4.

So, what new security features can you get?

“By centering our efforts on delivering exceptional performance, exquisite design and engaging interaction, including integrating with the third-party products that customers may want in their homes, our new solutions will empower our Dealers to deliver to their customers the customized lifestyle benefits of a Control4 Smart Home.” said Control4 Chairman and CEO, Martin Plaehn. But what does that really entail? Well, there’s now a video chatting system that is hooked up to cameras around the house. This set up is exceptionally fast so that you can check to see who is outside your front door in a flash. The new touchscreen technology is both intuitive and responsive. The microphone and speakers are also newly remodeled for a sharper experience.

What about Entertainment?

For those of you looking to maximize your integrated entertainment system, there is now a handheld system remote. This remote can be programmed to work with any of your smart home features including your sound system, lighting, or other entertainment units. The keypad is backlit and it adjusts to ambient light, so it’s always in sync with the room it is in. This remote is going to keep you from having to get up every time you need to adjust one of your smart home’s many settings. You can do it all from your little remote.

So, do you think you’re ready for the next level of technology and comfort? If you think you might be ready to investigate into Smart House technology, then give us a shout. We can help you get thinking.

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