How to Deter Burglars

how to deter burglarsLast week we discussed the behavior of burglars, how they selected their target houses, and how they go about robbing the house. This week we’ll discuss steps you can take to deter burglars and protect your home.  By making sure you don’t accidentally tempt burglars, keep your house secure, make it look occupied, and using an security system you can deter burglars and keep your property and family safe. Below, we’ll expand on how these actions can prevent burglars.

Don’t Tempt

The first step in reducing your chance of being burgled is to make sure your house don’t make a tempting target. Never leave out bikes, lawnmowers, or barbecues. Even though items like the lawn mower or barbecue aren’t likely to be stolen by a burglar, they can use items like these to judge your relative wealth. If you got a large and expensive purchase recently, such as a big tv,  make sure you completely break down the box, cut it up, and put it with the print facing down in your recycling. Like the lawnmower and grill big tv’s aren’t as big a target anymore (burglars are more likely to steal smaller, easier to carry items) they are an indicator of your wealth. Never leave notes out on the exterior of your door when you go out, if a burglary sees them they might take the fact that you’re out as an invitation in. Finally, make sure you don’t leave any valuables or indications of valuables in your car. For example, you might leave an iPhone charger in your car for convenience sake, but it’s still bad to leave there, because even though it’s not the iPhone itself, it’s indication that you have one. By taking the steps of not tempting a burglar, you can reduce your chance of being burgled, however it doesn’t actually deter burglars as much as not invite them.

Make Sure Your House Is Secure

Making sure your house looks secure, and more importantly is secure, is one of the most effective thing you can do to deter burglars. Some burglars will plan there thefts, but a good deal of them are simply opportunists; they’ll break into easier houses over harder to get into ones. Make sure you have good locks on all of your doors and windows, and you should always change the locks after moving into a house that had been previously occupied. Sliding glass doors and windows are particularly vulnerable, make sure you get a lock and bar for your sliding door and get pins for your windows security. Make sure all the doors to enter your home have deadbolts, including doors in from the garage. Dogs can deter burglars, if you have one make sure it’s obvious that you do, like leaving dog toys, or chewed bones out (though it doesn’t always pay to advertise what kind of dog you have). However, all locks can eventually be bypassed, or ignored, by a sufficiently determined burglar, such burglars won’t act on your house though if they think it’s occupied.

Make Sure Your House Looks Occupied

Nothing is better at deterring burglars then an occupied house. A burglar’s goal is to get in, get the valuables, and get out as quickly as possible, people in the house mean potential confrontation which dramatically increases the chance of the burglar getting caught, and having a more severe prison sentence. To deter burglars make sure your house looks occupied when you’re not in it. Leave some lights on when you go to work or go out (energy efficient bulbs make this more practically then it used to be). If you’re going away for an extended time, make sure your mail is collected and that your neighbors look over the house. Having them mow the law is also a good idea as burglars can sometimes judge if the house is occupied by how well the grounds are kept. You can also use lights on timers to help give the illusion that someone’s home

Get A Security System

Last on our tips for deterring burglars is to get a security system and use it. Some burglars realize that people will often install alarms, but not activate them due to the minor inconvenience. This minor inconvenience for you, is a major bonus to a burglar. So if you’re going to get an alarm, make sure you actively use it. Chesapeake Systems Service installs a variety of high quality security systems that include door and window contacts, motion sensors, glass break sensors, access control systems, fire detection, and video surveillance. And some of these have interfaces that can be conveniently controlled from an app on your phone.

Deter Burglars with a Security System from Chesapeake Systems Service

At Chesapeake Systems Services (CSS), we strive to provide you, the customer, with the highest quality service and the most advanced products in the industry. This is why we offer security systems from several of the aforementioned security partners, including and ELK Products. With an interactive security system, installed and maintained by CSS, you are always secure, 24/7.

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