Do You Need a Wired or Wireless Commercial Security System?

wired or wireless system

Commercial security systems are an absolute must when it comes to owning a business.  The big question is, should you have a wired or wireless system?

Commercial security systems are an absolute must when it comes to owning a business.  You need to know how safe your locations are at all times, and you need to be able to access security and alerts when you need them most.  So, there’s no question regarding whether or not you should have a security system.  The bigger question is, should you have a wired or wireless system?  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll need to evaluate both before you’re ready to make a decision.  Here’s some info to help you choose.

Advantages of a Wired Security System


You won’t see the wires of your security system if you choose this method, so there’s no need to worry about unsightliness.  If you’re worried about what customers will think if they see wires all over the place, you don’t even have to think about it.  The main advantage of a wired system is that it is very reliable.  Rather than relying on a wi-fi signal to function, they rely on wires to send information and energy.  This way, as long as the power is working, they are, too.  Wired systems also have the advantage of coming pre-installed in  many buildings.  When moving facilities or adding another location, check to see if the prospective property has a wired security system.  If it does, you’re already set for the proper security benefits.


Advantages of a Wireless Security System


While the wires of a wired system are hidden, it’s always a plus to not have to worry about any sort of complications.  Wireless systems are easy to care for, easy to test, and easy to connect.  These usually come with added benefits such as independent battery cells for each wireless sensor.  And, if your building already has a wired system, it’s very easy to upgrade.  Wireless systems can be activated with a simple phone call, and their range is wider.  


The Bottom Line


Both security systems offer benefits, and both are very effective for security purposes.  You won’t have to worry about your business’ safety when you install any type of security system.  But whichever type you choose, it must match to your requirements and your personal business model.  A professional installer can help you decide whether a wired or wireless commercial security system is right for you.


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