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smart home automation features

Smart door locks use a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or a Bluetooth keyfob to unlock your front door for you as you get close to your door.

According to a report released by iControl networks, over half of Americans are interested in smart home technologies and automation, especially devices which improve their home’s security and energy-efficiency. But many homeowners are concerned about the costs and the difficulties which might come from having these technologies installed in an older home, or after a house has already been built. Here are three smart home technologies which can be easily installed in any home. Don’t wait for your smart home – get it installed today!

Smart Home Assistant

Siri and Cortana are well-known electronic personal assistants available for your smart phone. But what about an electronic personal assistant for your home? The Amazon Echo is one of many options for personal assistants for your kitchen, office, or rec room. The Echo works off of voice recognition software, and can answer questions or play music with simple commands. It also integrates with other smart devices around the home, enabling you to control your entertainment system, thermostat, or light system via the same simple voice commands.

Digital Entertainment Systems

Don’t restrict your digital technology to just your television! Wireless sound systems like Sonos, and integrated entertainment systems throughout your home can make even the smallest living room into a top-notch entertaining space. Have crystal clear sound no matter where you are in the house, and complete control over the volume and direction of your sound.

And don’t forget about digital picture frames! Modern digital picture frames can be synced to your computer or even the internet, displaying your choice of gorgeous art in a frame that can be as small as a wallet, all the way up to frames as large as a traditional canvas painting.

Smart Door Locks

Ditch the complicated key ring – new advances in security technology have made it so your smartphone can act as your house keys! Smart door locks use a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or a Bluetooth keyfob to unlock your front door for you as you get close to your door. Some systems will even let you give a temporary your friends that work only during times that you specify, in case they need to get into your house to keep the cats or drop off a package. ust imagine, never needing to frantically dig for your keys with your arms full of groceries ever again!

Looking To Install A Smart Security System In Your Home? We Can Help.

Investing in a Smart House can provide you with both state of the art fire protection and home security essentials. We can also hook you up with the sweet sound of Sonos if you’re looking for an amazing sound system for your home.

If you think you might be ready to investigate into Smart House technology, then give us a shout. We can help you get thinking.

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