ELAN g! and Apple Bring You Total Control Over Your Home

When it comes to an Apple enthusiast wanting total control over their home on a single device, ELAN g! delivers. With your iPhone or iPad you can control the lights in your home, your security system as well as any other a/v components; regardless of your homes size.

When it comes to  controlling your home with one device at the touch of a button, no one does it better than ELAN g! The ELAN g! system is not only easy to control with a single device, but it is also affordable. Additionally, it has the capacity to integrate a number of third party components to further enhance your home’s a/v experience.

The ELAN g! system will give your family control over lighting, surveillance, security, irrigation systems, audio, video and more. In addition to accessing the ELAN g! system through your iPhone or iPad, it can also be accessed from touch screens throughout your home.

In addition to the ease of use while you are entertaining in the home, the high levels of security can benefit homeowners everywhere who want to keep their property and valuables safe.

The Musil Family has implemented the ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System in their home and are thrilled with the results. The security that the system provides is exactly what the family was looking for  in addition to all the audio and visual components provided.

About ELAN® Home Systems:
Founded in 1990, ELAN® Home Systems is an industry leading manufacturer of innovative, award-winning whole-house entertainment and control systems that are distributed through a comprehensive channel of select dealers and distributors throughout the United States, Canada and more than 58 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.elanhomesystems.com.

If you have any questions about the  ELAN® g! Entertainment and Control System  or wish to set up a consultation with one of our security experts, please contact Chesapeake Systems Services, Inc. – an Alarm.com authorized dealer – by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today! You can follow CSS Inc. on Facebook and Twitter as well!



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