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Electronic door locks

To many buyers, the smart lock can be a very desirable feature.

Home automation technologies have brought about revolutionary changes to the home building and home sales worlds. This should come as no surprise to the tech-savvy among us – homeowner interest in smart homes has grown dramatically every year. One key components of home automation interest is automated home security, including electronic locks. Continue reading to find out more about the recent technological advances in the world of door locks!

Electronic locks already enjoy a huge following among car owners; now homeowners can join the following. One of the benefits of today’s smart locks includes re-key technology, which provides the flexibility for homeowners to re-key their own locks quickly and easily, without having to remove the locks from the door. Another benefit is the ability to use and assign personal codes to allow home access. For total home automation, some electronic locks have the ability for locks to wirelessly talk with other devices in the home and the ability to remotely communicate with and control the lock.

Rob Hodak, Vice President Purchasing & Product Standards for Toll Brothers, one of the nation’s leading builders of luxury homes, said that “The ability to control your home electronics from the front door and grant home access from anywhere in the country or even the world is a significant selling tool. Suddenly the lock is not just another potential aesthetic upgrade. To many buyers, the smart lock can be a very desirable feature.”

The options for electronic locks fall into a couple of categories:

  • Biometric: Locks that recognize your fingerprints and open with a swipe of your finger.
  • Key fob (proximity lock): Carry a fob in your pocket, and these locks open automatically or with a simple tap; or press the fob button and unlock the door as soon as you pull into the driveway.
  • Smart phone-controlled: Your smart phone syncs with your lock via Bluetooth, enabling you to control entrance remotely and keep track of who comes and goes.
  • Surveillance lock: Combines easy access with surveillance and takes a picture of whoever opens your door. You can program codes for specific people, and the lock will offer a warm LED greeting when they arrive.

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