Energy Management Tips: 5 Simple Steps to avoid Wasting Energy

With winter kicking into full gear, your home heating system is about to get some serious use. But before you crank that furnace up, there are some things you should know.


5 Simple Steps to avoid Wasting Energy (and how can help!)


1. Seal Doors and Windows: For starters, make sure your windows and doors are completely shut and that they are sealed. Any draft can cost you extra money each month on your heating bills. Solution: Add window and door sensors to your account. Then log into your account and set up push notifications, texts, or email alerts to notify you when a window or door is left ajar.


2. Programmable Thermostat: By turning your thermostat down just 7 degrees when you are asleep or not home, you could save 10% annually on your heating bills.


3. Solution: Set up a thermostat schedule by clicking the “emPowerTM” tab, and click “Thermostat.” And if you ever stray from your normal schedule, you can simply manually override the preset program.


4. Turn your Thermostat off when away: If you go on vacation, turn your thermostat off. After all, why heat your home when you are not there? Solution: Set up a target temperature for when your system is “Armed Away.” This will override your scheduled Target Temperature.


5. Appliances: Even when appliances like computers and televisions are off, they still drain energy. Solution: Use a Z-Wave Appliance Module and set up a rule through This will stop the electric flow in the outlet when you aren’t using your appliances.


6. Turn off the Lights: Tired of forgetting to turn off light? Solution: Use a Smart Schedule! Log in to your account and click “Rules” under the “emPower” tab. Then scroll down to “Scheduled Automation” to add a schedule.


Your wallet will thank you!


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