The Expanding World of Home Automation

home automation systemsHome automation was only a dream for most people up until a couple of years ago. It was considered a thing of the future for most Marylanders. According to many of the top names in business, though, it’s becoming one of the fastest growing trends in technology – surprising when you consider how fast medical technology and other types of technology have been growing. People are ready for home automation, though. As far as most are concerned, the future is now. Home automation is becoming more affordable all the time. The average American can look at a home automation package and recognize that it’s no longer going to break the bank to have a more secure, easier to control home.

Why is home automation growing so fast?
There’s a pretty easy answer to this question – people want to easily access what’s going on in their homes remotely. Home automation allows people to control HVAC units, lighting, and more at the touch of a button on their smart phone without ever having to be home. When you’ve got kids or forget to turn off the lights before you leave the house for vacation, having a home automation system can be very comforting. Home automation systems can offer you control over

  • Lighting, helping you to save on energy costs
  • Entertainment centers
  • Home climate
  • Some appliances

Security is also a big thing for most homeowners. Having a security system that streams directly to your phone from your home helps you to know what’s going on in real time, whether that’s through the use of security cameras or simply knowing when someone in your home has opened a door or window. Did you know that adding a level of security with a home automation system can actually get you discounts on homeowner’s insurance? It’s a good way to save money and keep a keen eye on your home at the same time.

Most home automation systems run off an application that you can download for your smart phone, tablet, or computer so you can control everything remotely. You can scale up slowly so that you don’t have to blow your budget on a full project. It’s a great solution for those who like integrating technology in their lives and having an unprecedented level of control over their homes and security.

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