Harmony Remote Makes Maryland Home Automation Easier

smart remoteEveryone’s been through it. If you’re home relies on technology like so many of them do today, you’ve probably got about 50 remotes lying around. There’s one for the Blu-Ray player, one for the TV, maybe even one for your ceiling fan. Staring at your various remotes trying to figure out which one goes to what is a common thing at that point. Matching your remote to the brand of electronic can be a time waster that you could otherwise spend enjoying your favorite movie or listening to your surround sound system. That’s where the Harmony remote from Logitech comes in – and they just made it even better.

What is the Harmony Remote?

There are two types of Harmony remotes from Logitech. One looks like your average, every day remote (except a little bit bigger). It’ll allow you to control every piece of equipment hooked up to your home theater or home entertainment system. It’s essentially a universal remote on steroids. The second type of Harmony Remote is a Smart Remote. It allows you to hook it up to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which can be really useful for a few different reasons.

  1. Control through walls – Well, more than likely cabinets, but this allows you to hide away your different devices, while still being able to control them. The fact that you’ve got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth means that you can easily access all of the devices in your home from just about anywhere.
  2. Use your phone – You can easily connect your smartphone to your Harmony remote and control the same devices using your smartphone as you can with your remote. It’s an easy way to connect everything in your home to your smart devices. You can set the whole thing up online and even transfer information between Harmony remotes if you choose to upgrade

What’s new from Logitech’s Harmony Remote?

Every product needs something that will put it a cut above the rest – Harmony has it. The Harmony remote now has Nest integration, which means that you’ll also be able to manage climate control with your remote. That’s right, you can change the temperature of the room by using your universal remote (not to mention it also works with Sonos products). Nest is ahead of its time as well, working as a learning thermostat that gets to know your preferences over time. The Harmony remotes are attractive, easy to use, and can give you ease of control over your whole home.

Home Automation with CSS

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