How Home Automation Can Increase Property Value

How Home Automation Can Increase Property Value

The housing industry is seeing a noticeable pattern when it comes to homes that are connected: they sell, and they’re preferred.

The housing market, like any sector of business, is always evolving; however the most recent trend may genuinely shock those in the midst of buying or selling. As technology constantly improves, it has a ripple effect on surrounding industries. The housing industry is seeing a noticeable pattern when it comes to homes that are connected: they sell, and they’re preferred.

Why is this trend occurring?

Think of it this way: A basic car will get you from point A to point B, but wouldn’t it be more enticing if that car had an incredible GPS system, quality radio, safety, and access to it remotely? Of course it would. Well, the same applies to a home. Sure, you can simply live at home and take care of your basic needs (point A to point B). However, the house that comes with connected access to security cameras, temperature, lighting, shades and so on is more appealing, as current homeowners would most likely be more willing to buy a home with connected tech in place. To put it simply, this trend is occurring because it makes life easier for everyone involved. Home automation is a necessity in today’s technology-centered world, and when people have the opportunity to move into a smart home, it gives that property a selling boost.

Will it continue?

Yes. Absolutely. There was a time when smart homes were held as a concept of the future, but the idea is fully functional now. Millennials are a big proponent of the technology, which tells us that this shift in the marketplace will only continue to grow. One of the biggest things consumers look for when perusing homes is safety. More often than not, it’s one of the central thoughts. With home automation, it essentially takes away that concern. A house with these technological capabilities gives sellers the ability to not only showcase the typical qualities, but also the advanced aspects. In a connected space, you have constant access. There’s no reason to worry about a packaged delivery being stolen, the entry and exit of kids from the house, or your home being at risk when you’re away.

How should I adjust?

The next step to take is installing a form of automation in your home. A majority of smart home owners would recommend it to others, therefore it would be advantageous to take your living space to the next level. The market is always changing, and this is the next period of evolution taking place. For those currently buying and selling homes, make sure to highlight the extra incentives your property has included if it is already smart. If you are selling, but have yet to consider the possibility of this evolving landscape, consider the benefits of a home with these capabilities and how that could attract potential buyers. Finally, understand how this technology can have an impact on pricing. With an added perk like home automation, a unit will inevitably be more expensive and sell at a higher point.

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