Home Automation and Historical Integrity

automated cabinJust because a home is a historic landmark doesn’t mean that it can’t be integrated to fit into a world of home automation. The idea may seem a little overwhelming. How can I turn a classic Colonial home into something that gives me all of the conveniences of today’s world? Though it’s a tough question to answer, we think that it’s a fun challenge to overcome – and a Pennsylvania company agrees with us.

Adding Modern Conveniences to a Historical Home

The home in question was built in 1744. That’s right, over 100 years ago. What started out as a one bedroom log cabin eventually flourished into a 9,100 square feet luxurious cabin in the woods. All of the individuals that have owned the home have worked to keep the historical integrity, though. The original structure is still part of the home and is the main inspiration for the rest of the home. The current owners are fans of technology and wanted to find a way to integrate some of today’s great modern technology into this living piece of history.

The first step was to add a state-of-the-art music system that would span the home and spark an interest in even more technology. Eventually the couple decided that they wanted the whole package – an Elan g! automation system that would give them conveniences from top to bottom. One of the biggest problems that the installation crew ran into is that there was no way to install a wireless system. A crawl space had to be installed under the home in order to properly run the wires and install the system in order to keep the integrity of the home while still giving the owners the full automation experience. The home includes:

  • 13 audio zones, including outdoor zones
  • Automated LED lighting
  • Additional plasma TVs
  • And more. . .

The list of sound equipment goes on and on. The home is beautifully automated but hasn’t lost any of its rustic charm or historical integrity. To see photos of the finished project, follow this link. The couple has made the home a work in progress and is continuing to figure out ways to modernize and expand on the home automation. Though it’s been a challenge, the results are spectacular.

Creating your Own Dream Home

Though it may take some extra work, you can turn any home into an automated dream home. Whether old or new, you can do it while maintaining the integrity of your home. We enjoy a challenge! Interested in making your home a little smarter? Please contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today for a free estimate! Bringing you the best in ambient comfort would be our pleasure! You can follow CSS Inc.on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Google+ and Twitter as well!

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