Home Automation for Luxury Resort Home

beachfront propertyResidential spaces aren’t the only ones making use of home automation anymore. Resort homes are starting to follow along the same lines to help make guests as comfortable as possible and giving them a true luxury experience. One of the best examples of this is a home automation system created for a resort house in Wyoming. Instead of adding a lot of fancy bells and whistles to this home automation system, they decided to go with a simple, classic system that would be easy for any guest to use. What kind of things did they automate to make the home feel luxurious and exciting? Check it out!

Automated Lighting
Giving guests control over lighting in a luxury resort home allows them to set any mood that they want, but the designers of this resort home managed to do it in a way that can either be simple or custom. The controls allow users to choose “high” or “low” light settings rather than just using a dimmer switch or up or down functions (though up and down functions are available). The high and low lighting are set for specific rooms depending on what they’re used for. As an example, the “high” lighting in the kitchen gives the user lots of bright light to cook by. But the coolest part of the automated lighting? It gets brighter or dimmer based on sunrise and sunset – how cool is that? Apps for mobile devices can also be used to control the lighting in this house.

Electronic Systems
Even though home automation can sometimes get confusing when there are too many controls and buttons available, the designers of this luxury home made them all simple to use. Every electronic device in the home is connected to the automation system with panels in nearly every room for quick access. The pool and spa, audio/visual system, and home theatre are all a part of this system. It’s possible to control music and sound from virtually anywhere in the home.

Even though the owners of this home aren’t always on the premises, they always have a little added layer of control of what goes on in the home. Some of the automated parts of the home (including the owners’ music collection) aren’t available to the guests in order to avoid problems. Plus, the system is intentionally simple to make it easy for just about any guest to figure out how to easily use everything and enhance the quality of their stay.

Home automation systems are great for resorts, hotels, and homes alike. They can make life more comfortable and even simplify how the home runs. At Chesapeake System Services, we know how to help you automate your home so that it’s simple, but effective. We sell the products that we believe in and have the experience to make your home exactly what you want it to be. If you have any questions about home automation systems, give us a call at 301.317.3001 or visit our website.

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