Home Automation Technology is a Life Saver – Literally

medical technologyMillions of Americans suffer from some kind of disease or disability, including our elderly, that many times force them to live in nursing homes as they get older. If you’ve ever been inside a nursing home, you know that they can be downright depressing. What if there was technology that could help bring the nursing home population down and give older adults the freedom they want to continue living an independent lifestyle? Home automation technology is allowing our injured and older population to do just that. In fact, this type of technology can help save lives.

Innovations in healthcare – With smart devices that can detect motion and activity on different surfaces in your home, a doctor or family member can easily check up on someone who has recently suffered an injury or needs a little extra monitoring. If you happen to notice a change in the activity level (which can usually be monitored by smart devices) of the person you’re monitoring, it may be cause for worry. An alert can come through to you via smart device if something seems out of the ordinary so you know to visit or call and find out what’s going on. These innovations are well underway and some of them are already utilized regularly.

The future of care? – Even though these types of innovations are a reality right now, there’s even more to come. There’s also reason to believe that smart systems like this will be useful for monitoring patients participating in outpatient depression as well as those who have mental illnesses. The number of smart appliances and electronics in the home is supposed to rise past 10-million in the next 3 years or so, which is a great reason to believe that the healthcare industry will capitalize on this market and use home automation systems to benefit home care. The SmartAmerica Challenge is currently working up 20 different concepts to present at a summit in June to get funding from Congress to create better healthcare alternatives to in-home nursing as well as nursing homes. Hopefully within the next 5 years or so home automation will improve the lives of these millions of Americans relying on nursing homes and in-home care.

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