Home Control & Automation: Advanced Lighting Control

In its simplest form, lighting control consists of on/off switches and dimmers, which are placed near the entrance to each and every room. This is the way that the majority of us control our home’s lighting. But what if there was a better way to manipulate your lights?


Advanced Lighting Control


  1. Simplicity: Advanced Lighting Control does not have to be complicated. It is lighting, after all. With new wireless technology, lighting systems are easy to install and implement.
  2. All Encompassing: All kinds of lights can be integrated: lamps, chandeliers, canister, landscape, incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, and LED.
  3. Easy: Roaming your house and turning off every light just before bed can be a hassle. Advanced Lighting Controls make your life easier, helping you manage all of your lighting needs from your control panel or wireless device.
  4. Occupancy Sensors: If controlling lights from your keypad or wireless device wasn’t easy enough, you can install occupancy sensors that automatically turn off lights when everyone has left the room.
  5. Daylight Sensors: Daylight sensors can automatically adjust your home’s window shades when the sun comes up.
  6. Energy Efficient: Advanced Lighting Control is a great way to better manage your home’s energy output. Dimming the lights by just 10% can help you cut energy costs without any noticeable change to your lighting. An Advanced Lighting Control system can do this automatically.
  7. And So Much More!


Home Control & Automation: Advanced Lighting Control from Chesapeake Systems Services


Chesapeake Systems Services (CSS), Inc. is security and a whole lot more! Did you know we also offer Home Automation & Control systems? Now you can control your lighting and more from anywhere with a 100% wireless home automation and control system from CSS.


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