How Your Home is Prepared for Installation of CinemaTech’s ARS System


How should you go about obtaining the perfect home theater?  CinemaTech’s ARS system can help.

Home theaters should be perfect.  Every aspect should be custom-tailored to your specific space; without this level of detail, you’re cheating yourself out of a great theater system.  So, what’s the solution, and how should you go about obtaining the perfect home theater?  CinemaTech’s ARS system can help.  CinemaTech houses absolute experts in the field of home theater creation.  One of their areas of work is acoustics, which needs to be flawless in order to create the perfect home theater system.  Read on to learn more about what goes into the preparation for the installation of a CinemaTech ARS system.

Step 1: The room is prepped.

A general contractor needs to assess the space so the CinemaTech ARS system can fit accurately and perfectly.  Sometimes, this includes wood blocking–this step assures that anything installed will be flush with the wall, in order to blend seamlessly into the room’s design.

Step 2: Acoustic preparations are perfected.

In order to achieve perfect sound, there must be a 1.25 inch thick fabric that will frame the entire system.  This fabric frame is how the installers keep the fabric acoustic material in place, later on in the installation process.  Fabric is what condenses the acoustics, making sure that the sound is smooth and evenly distributed (think, very basically, about old stereo speakers).

Step 3: Acoustical panels are installed.

CinemaTech creates a modeling diagram of the space in order to determine the perfect placement of each speaker.  According to this diagram, professionals will begin to install diaphragmatic panels into the wall.  This placement and installation is what allows for perfect customization of every sound system, in order to achieve the best results.

Step 4: Fabric covers the speaker.

A final layer of fabric is installed over the speaker in order to hide it.  With this step, the speaker then blends into its surroundings, making for the perfect, invisible sound system.  The acoustics are perfect, yet unobtrusive.  A CinemaTech ARS System is the only acoustic system that ensures your home theater is flawless.

CSS has CinemaTech’s ARS System installed in our Experience Center!

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