Home Security News: Alarm.com App Updates Interface & Notifications

alarm.com appIf you’ve been keeping up with automated home security news at all over the past couple of years, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Alarm.com app for smartphones. The Alarm.com app, available for both Android and iPhone smartphones, allows homeowners to remotely monitor and control their home security system on the go.  The Alarm.com app recently underwent a major update, substantially altering the app’s UI and functionality. Chesapeake System Services, your Maryland home security provider, is here with the details.

UI Overhaul

The most immediately noticeable change to the Alarm.com app is the completely overhauled user interface. The new interface is not only a lot more visually pleasant, but is also slick and responsive, making navigating through the menus a breeze. The app now features a slide out menu that offers instant access to each of your Maryland home’s security subsystems, allowing you to quickly adjust the temperature, unlock or lock doors, arm the system, access live camera video feeds, and more.

Push Notifications

The biggest functional difference that comes with this update to the Alarm.com app is the addition of push notifications.  For the uninitiated, push notifications are notifications “pushed out” by a servers request whenever a specified condition is met, as opposed to traditional notifications which are made by a user actively requesting information. Push notifications mean that your mobile device will automatically notify you with any of the following:

  • Video clips when the kids come home from school
  • Alerts if an alarm is tripped or the system is disarmed
  • Alerting you if a door is left unlocked or the thermostat isn’t changed
  • An alert if someone, like your children, does not arrive home at a preselected time.
  • Basement flooding
  • Alerting you if an alarmed container, like a gun or medicine cabinet is opened

The Alarm.com app is free, and push notifications do not affect your text messaging count or rely on your carrier’s messaging system.

Control Your Home Security System From The Palm of Your Hand

Then contact Chesapeake Systems Service. We’re ready to provide countless Maryland home monitoring and security solutions, with quality customer service, today. We’ll also help you easily integrate them with mobile applications like the Alarm.com app so that you can manage your security system easily, and on the go.

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