Home Security Systems Technology: Protecting you and your Family

Over the years, home security technology has evolved from wall safes and secret storage compartments to IP cameras, whole home automation, and remote monitoring. Now, homeowners have the ability to not only deter theft, but also monitor children, remotely lock doors, control lights and thermostat, better manage energy, and so much more.


Today, home security has become a proactive experience instead of a passive or reactive one.


“In the past, it was really a passive system, just waiting for something to happen. But now that you get all this active information out of it, there’s value every day.” said Jay Kenny, vice president of Alarm.com.


And while security technology has become much more complex, the functionality has also become much easier to use, especially with mobile applications.


“Consumers have mastered the learning curve of mobile devices, which, in turn, has fueled growth in home automation adoption and usage,” said Kenny. In fact, Alarm.com has reported that as much as 75% of its customer base now logs on via mobile apps.


Benefits of Mobile Security Apps


Notifications: Homeowners can receive text message notifications alerting them of potential dangers, changes in indoor temperature, movement, and so much more.


Smarter Decisions: New security systems can track patterns, helping homeowners make much more knowledgeable decisions in regards to security and energy efficiency.


Remote Monitoring & Control: Now homeowners can monitor and control their security system from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device.


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Source: Safe at Home – Security Technology Gets Tougher as Usage Gets Easier

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