Honeywell Tuxedo Touch™ and its Impact on Security & Home Automation

Two years ago, Honeywell was invited to the Discovery Center at Land Tejas, a master-planned community in Houston, Texas. And one of the biggest areas of concern was energy efficiency and management. At the same time, Honeywell was in the concept phase of the Tuxedo Touch™.


Land Tejas Tuxedo Touch™ Testimonial 

Tuxedo Touch™ was built with energy management in mind. The system connects every aspect of the home and allows the user to instantly control and monitor the home’s energy consumption. Plus, Tuxedo Touch™ provides both weekly and monthly energy analytics, giving homeowners a better understanding of their energy consumption. Additional features of Tuxedo Touch™ include:


  • A bright, full-color, 7-inch display.
  • A built-in controller that can communicate with up to 232 devices, including thermostats, lighting controls, shades and locks.
  • A built in Web server that allows users to control Tuxedo Touch remotely using smartphones, tablets, PCs and Internet TVs without the need to purchase or install an app.
  • Tuxedo Touch allows users to view local weather information.
  • Tuxedo Touch allows users to upload digital photos and videos.
  • With Tuxedo Touch, you can do all of this while simultaneously viewing streaming feeds from up to four IP video cameras.


Tuxedo Touch™ gives the homeowner true control!


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A Testament to Tuxedo Touch

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