How Mainstream Has Home Automation Become?

When you picture home automation, you probably think of some nerdy person tinkering around in his garage trying to revolutionize home security. However, that is no longer the case. Home automation systems are on the rise, they have become less nerdy, easier to use and much more common.  The home automation market is poised to be about $10.9 billion dollars by 2017.

Home automation systems are about more than just keeping your home secure, it is also a way to track and monitor your homes energy usage, control lighting functions and control your homes entertainment system. Home automation can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet or a control panel inside of your home.

Home automation has become much more prevalent in homes recently and will continue to rise over the coming years. As people begin to realize how easy it is to manage and what little effort it requires home automation sales will continue to rise.

Next time you’re out with your friends and they’re all glued at their smartphone or tablet, one of them is probably checking out how secure their home is.

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